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Kolchak: The Night Stalker Season 1 Episode 9

A series of apparently unrelated deaths involve each victim being crushed to death, and covered in wet, slimy Spanish Moss. Upon investigation, Kolchak discovers that each victim was related to Paul Langois, a hot-tempered Cajun. However, Langois has an iron-clad alibi: he’s been the subject of a sleep experiment and been kept asleep for several weeks. Eventual, Carl realizes that somehow Langois’ sleep state has caused him to manifest a subconscious “”boogey-man”” from the Cajun bayou: Peremalfait, a huge creature covered in Spanish Moss that crushes the life right out of you. Peremalfait “”kills”” Langois to prevent him from being woken up, and Kolchak must travel into the sewers of Chicago to kill Peremalfait with the only thing that can destroy it: a spear made out of bayou gum wood.

Episode Title: The Spanish Moss Murders

Air Date: 1974-12-06